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Miami Beach Environment

Green Practices Inspired by Nature Program

Our Inspired by Nature Program is our commitment to preserving the environment and caring for the world we live in. It was created to help The Palms continue to elevate its status of a responsible corporate citizen in the Miami Beach community.

The Palms Hotel & Spa has been recognized as one of only 14 Miami Beach hotels to achieve an honorable designation from the state of Florida’s Green Lodging Program. The Green Lodging Program awards Florida hotels, motels, resorts and bed & breakfasts that have demonstrated a commitment to succeed in protecting Florida’s natural resources.

Criteria for achieving this distinguished award, which is valid for three years, include forming an internal Green Team with an “Environmental Champion” leader, carefully managing water, and energy conservation, implementing at least two new environmental practices during each three year designation and working to reduce the amount of waste produced.

Our Inspired by Nature Program encompasses many environmentally conscious initiatives. Every day we strive to become greener, constantly reminding our team members to act with the environment in mind. The goal is to challenge the status quo to find greener solutions. This program is a work-in-progress, evolving and improving on a daily basis.

Below you will find a summary of environmental initiatives already in place at The Palms, as well as our future plans for continued green success.

  1. Reducing

Use of paper

  • Documents are printed only when absolutely necessary
  • Printed memos are avoided where possible
  • Guests and clients are given the option to have proposals and or finalized bills emailed
  • Guests can choose if they really require an envelope for their final bill
  • The HRIS system in the Human Resource Department has created an automated process which simplifies paper processing
  • All staff receive pay stubs, W-2, W-4 forms online and can submit any changes via computer
  • Document retention system is designed so we can print less reports and store less paper.  We are able to virtually print reports right into the system and distribute them via email.  We are also able to create forms that can be filled out on the system and sent for electronic approval to people with an email address.  This system greatly reduces our paper and toner consumption at the hotel
  • Signature capture pads have been installed at the Front Desk reducing the need to print registration cards. The guest is able to view the registration card on the pad and then sign
  • In order to reduce significantly the number of catalogues and junk mail received, the hotel is subscribed to which eliminates the amount of junk mail received
  • To reduce the use of hand paper towels, high efficiency air dryers have been installed in some public bathrooms
  • FUTURE initiatives
    1. We are working on reducing the number of BEO’s printed and looking for paperless alternatives for some departments
    2. An e-reader is being tested to replace the printed in house guest list and events

Use of Energy

  • KW consumption has been minimized by replacing incandescent lighting to compact fluorescent but mostly LED lighting through the entire hotel. Now we are replacing all fluorescent lights to LED’s in the back of the house which consume even less energy
  • Thermostats in guestrooms are set at 75 degrees all year round
  • Energy management building automation system controls AC and lighting in many areas of the hotel already
  • Fans/heaters are turned off when leaving rooms/offices
  • All guestroom ceiling fans are high-efficiency Energy Star fans and are turned off in vacant rooms
  • All lights and most electronic equipment are turned off when staff leaves offices, guest rooms, meeting rooms, etc.
  • Higher efficiency equipment has been installed for pool heating
  • Motion sensors have been added in store rooms, offices, stairwells, etc to switch off lights when no one present
  • 45% of guestroom windows have been replaced with impact storefront fixed heat treated windows with grey tinted and laminated glass
  • For maximum air conditioning efficiency and maintenance of indoor air quality, sliding doors have replaced regular doors wherever possible
  • FUTURE initiatives
    1. The parking garage that is currently being built for the hotel will have between 6 and 12 charging stations for electric vehicles
    2. The remaining 55% of guestroom windows will be replaced with impact storefront fixed heat treated windows with grey tinted and laminated glass. The project is expected to be completed by March 2016
    3. The chillers will be serviced and retro fitted to make them more efficient

Use of water

  • 1/3 of our toilets are eco-friendly toilets that use hand wash water to flush
  • The rest of our toilets are water conserving toilets that only consume 1.28 GPF
  • All our showerheads and faucets are low flow at 1.5 GPM
  • Water consumption is reduced through our Linen and Towel re-use program
    1. 3 gallons of water are conserved for each towel that is reused
    2. 4 gallons of water are conserved for each sheet that is reused
  1. Re-using

    • Essensia Restaurant’s water glasses are made from repurposed bottles by The Green Glass Co.
    • The hotel’s guestroom key system has been replaced with Salto Key System. Since the keys do not have a magnetic strip, they are more durable, can be reused more often and are entirely recyclable
    • Paper is printed on both sides where possible
    • Used paper is re-used for internal note taking
    • Shredded paper is used to stuff boxes
    • Envelopes and filing folders are re-used
    • Most of the guest drink-ware is already re-usable (including that at the pool and beach). The only exceptions are:
      • The spa: Tea cups are made of paper and water cups are made of plastic (PETE 1 and both of which are recycled). In the future these will either be re-usable or made of a more environmentally-friendly alternative such as PLA and bagasse.
      • The complimentary fruit water cups at the entrance and in the garden. These are made of plastic (PETE 1 which can be recycled). Steps are being taken to find environmentally-friendly alternatives made of PLA.
      • The glasses at the pool and beach during periods of high demand
        • All staff drink-ware are reusable – currently no disposable plastic or Styrofoam is used in the staff cafeteria. Paper containers have been phased out and the hotel has provided all staff members with a reusable coffee/drink mugs for usage
        • Nail files and buffers in the spa are sanitized and re-used
        • Spa sandals are sanitized and re-used
        • Mildly used office material and toiletries are donated to Camillus House shelter
        • Mildly used towels and linens are given to employees or also donated to Camillus House shelter
        • Guests can decide to re-use their towels and linens
        • Dry-cleaning clothes hangers are given back to the dry-cleaning company and re-used
  2. Recycling

  • Recycling bins are available in all rooms, public & outside areas, in the spa, offices and back-of-the-house areas
  • Most cardboard, plastic, paper and metal is recycled
  • Batteries and fluorescent bulbs are on a special disposal program which does not go to a landfill
  • All printer cartridges and electronic waste are on a special disposal program which does not go to a landfill

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