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Green hotel operations and supporting environmental sustainability is one of the main pillars of Palms Hotel & Spa’s mission and values.

Since 2010, our “Inspired by Nature Program” shows our commitment to this cause. It sets the standards and provides the guidelines to make our operation as eco-friendly as possible, to minimize our impact on the environment, and to create awareness of local environmental issues at stake.

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Beyond Green

As part of this global portfolio of planet Earth’s most sustainable hotels, The Palms represents sustainability leadership based upon action and impact and is committed to building a better and brighter future for people and the planet. True inspiration in travel and an array of experiences that inspire personal renewal, wellness and learning wrapped together with a deep commitment to sustainable tourism best practices.

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Green Globe Certified

As a Green Globe certified property The Palms Hotel & Spa has received the endorsement of one of the global leaders in Sustainable Tourism Certification for all areas of sustainability including the implementation of a sustainability management system, complying to social & economic criteria, protecting cultural heritage and safeguarding the environment.

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100% Disposable Plastic Free

It is our goal to operate with no disposable plastics. So far, we have implemented aluminum water bottles in guest & meeting rooms as well as re-usable acrylic glasses and metal cutlery at the pool and bioplastics and wood cutlery at the beach, eco-friendly take-away containers at the restaurant, and biodegradable straws throughout the property. We have also implemented refillable, BeeKind in-room guest toiletries as well as offering cloth in-room dry-cleaning bags. 

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Natural Resources

It’s part of our nature, to tread lightly. Our bathrooms have low-flow showers and sinks, and eco-friendly toilets save water. While our clever Mode Green guest room light and A/C regulating system, the quick-dry bathrobes as well as UV guest-room windows and LED lighting throughout the hotel allow for more environmentally friendly use of electricity.

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Raising Awareness For Our

We aim to educate and inspire our guests, associates and the community at large in regards to the environment. We have our very own Green Team to exercise the best practices in sustainability and ensure consistent training and communication within the hotel, while our quarterly beach cleanups involve our guests and the community at large. 

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Making Your Stay A Green One

We believe in the butterfly effect, the idea that the flutter of a butterfly wing can create a typhoon on the other side of the world. And thus, it’s up to each and every one of us to make small changes which in the long-run can have a huge impact on the environment as a whole. Wonder how you can make a difference?

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Beach Cleanup

If taking care of the environment and being more involved in the community are some of your personal priorities, then join us on the beach to help make our world a cleaner place and protect our local wildlife!


September 16, 2023

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Fill A Bucket

Give back to the world we live in any time with a mini beach-cleanup of your own! Join us for our 'Fill A Bucket' program by picking up a bucket from our beach hut and spending as much or as little time as you want making this one Earth we have a cleaner and greener place!

Our Partners

Surf rider foundation logo

The Surfrider Foundation dedicates itself to the protection of the world's oceans through a network of worldwide activists. Founded in 1997, the Miami chapter of this organization is devoted to keeping local beaches and oceans clean.

Slow food miami logo

Founded in 1989, Slow Food is a non-profit, member-supported organization supporting a grassroots movement to counter fast food and unsound practices in the industry. The association focuses on local sourcing and sustainability.

Pirani logo

Pirani produces reusable insulated tumbler cups to reduce the use of harmful materials, like single-use plastics. They aim to bring reliable and innovative products to the market that encourage people to live more sustainably.

Kind traveler logo

Kind Traveler is a hotel booking platform that enables travelers to positively impact destinations they visit. The organization offers guests over 50 charities to support, a simple direct booking process, and a curated selection of hotels that care.

dream in green logo

A non-profit organization whose mission is to empower individuals, especially youth, to lead in the response to climate change and other environmental challenges facing South Florida since 2006. 

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Coral Restoration Foundation™ is the largest reef restoration organization in the world. Headquartered in Key Largo Florida, they were founded in response to the wide-spread loss of the dominant coral species on Florida's Coral Reef. They have been working to turn the tide for this critical ecosystem since 2007.