Total Well-being

Regaining your sense of feeling whole – healthy, relaxed and connected – is at the center of our offering to you, no matter if you’re staying with us for a short wellness staycation, your annual family getaway, your nuptials, or a corporate team-building experience.


That Wonderful Feeling of Being Whole

We strive for nothing more than for your complete contentment during your stay with us. For you to feel connected to yourself – body, mind and soul. Connected to your travel companions and the local community. And connected to the present moment by being in the NOW, letting go and enjoying every moment, just the way it is.

aveda spa

Connect to
Yourself at Our AVEDA Spa

At The Palms AVEDA Spa we will nurture your body, mind and soul with rejuvenating spa experiences influenced by holistic Ayurvedic wellness rituals personalized for your well-being. Wait no longer to connect with yourself and book your appointment today!

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grilled octopus at essensia

Enhance Your
Well-Being with Fresh Fare

At Essensia Restaurant you can further enhance your well-being with a selection of naturally grounded dishes highlighting some of the best premium and sustainably sourced ingredients to nourish your body and soul.

wellbeing beinginthepresentmoment

Being in the Present Moment

Take that time to focus on the present with our complimentary group yoga sessions garden- or beachside. Or bring your attention to the health of Mother Nature through one of our quarterly beach cleanups.

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woman sunbathing by the pool with a cocktail

Just Letting Go

Nature inspires us: our décor, our healthful cuisine, our natural products, and even our company values through our Sustainability Program. Let the vibrant nature in our tropical gardens inspire you too to let go. Find your quiet spot, reflect, read a book or just enjoy watching your kids play in our pool.